StandardConsult ApS

StandardConsult ApS

About Us

Welcome to our company.

We look forward to training you!

WIth many years of working experience in the By-products industry we like to share pur knowledge for the benefit of:

* The environment

* The economy

* Recycling and up-cycling of ressources

You will find on our homepage a short course on how to work in the By-products industry as well as links to international conferences and workshops

If you face problems with by-products get in touch and benefit from our massive contacts  in the industry.

Our History





The company is first registrered as a company in Denmark  offering services to the coal- and power industry about sampling and standards.

Due to other businesses the company remains dormant till 2012 when the company starts to focus on the AshTrans conference that will offer a platform for the By-product industry to discuss markets and logistics 

The first AshTrans conference is held in September in Copenhagen with an impressive 60+ number of delegates. AshTrans is the first of its kind and have been copied since then.

As of 2018 StandardConsult is fully operational and offer consulting to Danish, French, Ukrainian and other customers regarding the beneficial use of any by-products

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