Devoted to issues related to the Byproducts industry. Contact: by mail: nbe@standardconsult.eu, By phone: +45 2641 7186

Advice on the selling of Industrial Byproducts from e.g. the power industry for utilization to the building materials industry or other relevant purposes.

Consultations related to all aspects of the important international standards applicable to byproducts including e.g.advice on REACH registration

Assistance in the sampling of coal in powerstations and coal harbours, related to the standard ISO 13909.

Management of byproduct selling organisation and logistic operation related to byproducts.

The topics above are mainly related to the power industry and the building material industry.

ECOBA Honorary membership
ECOBA Honorary membership
Ivan Skidmore President of ECOBA hands over a document conferring an honorary membership of ECOBA to NIcolai Bech
Honorary membership
Honorary membership
The Secretary General Hans-Joachim Feuerborn of VGB ECOBA presents the honorary document to Nicolai Bech

StandardConsult is devoted to issues related to the Byproducts industry

ASHTRANS - the conference

The international meeting platform for

Byproducts logistic and trading 

Fly Ash, Bottom Ash and Gypsum from coal/Biomass combustion or incineration plants are commercially traded commodities.

With the transition in Europe towards more renewable energy supply, the need for traders, suppliers, users, shippers, brokers and haulers, to meet and exchange ideas related to logistics and find commercial arrangements become even more pronounced.

The international ASHTRANS conference offers presentations about market relevant issues and logistic solutions.

StandardConsult and CoalTrans arranges

the annual international ASHTRANS conference


The conference is intended as a platform for commercial meetings to exchange views and to meet with potential commercial partners to discuss deals or just to evaluate new possibilities.


The conference is of commercial interest for producers and users of all byproducts from the energy industry.


The same interest applies to traders of these products and those who engage in any kind of transportation and logistics solutions related to the products of interest.


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Bio Mass Ash workshop 2019


A tremendous increase in the use of biomass as a replacement fuel for coal for the production of heat and power causes the production also of huge quantities of BioMassAsh ( BMA ). The present-day situation is that in especially the Nordic countries this process has progressed far beyond the point where small quantities of BMA could just disappear through all kind of little channels.


In the Nordic countries there is placed a tax bill on landfilling, so this option is not the preferred outlet. On top of that the wish to actually bring back essential nutrients and fertilizing agent to the forest or even farmland in order to comply with Corporate Social Responsibility has gained more acceptance.


With this in mind this one-day workshop will concentrate on the various ways to handle BMA in the present situation. It the belief that more effort is needed but at least the conference will give a solid view of the present situation.


Venue: IDA, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, DK 1780 Cph V, Denmark, room 108


Organizers: StandardConsult ApS


Sponsors: Agrotrade and StandardConsult


For full view of the program please follow this link: BMA program