Consultancy services


 Devoted to issues related to the Byproducts industry. Contact: by mail:, By phone: +45 2641 7186


Consultancy services


StandardConsult has already helped a number of danish and foreign companies to solve some of the problems they encounter in the daily work. With the contact network that is now part of StandardConsult we are now ready to expand our services far beyond the present core business.


So if you happen to be a senior citizen with some kind of specialized knowledge or a Small or Medium Sized company with a need for specialized knowledge of almost any kind, please feel free to fill out the contact form on this side and we will do our best to assist you in connecting senior consultants with Small and Medium sized Enterprises ( MSE ) on order to facilitate fresh, but highly experienced eyes to work for you.   

Selected previous solved tasks by StandardConsult

  • A company needs 200.000 tons of material for a filling purpose. The job was solved via the StanddardConsult network to full satidfaction 
  • A small company was in need for a strategy for handling biomass ashes mainly on behalf of a majorclient. StandardConsult provided such a strategy for implementation in thier future project planning.
  • A power company in Ukraine was in need of a report about the legal fremworks and environmental consideration to enter the european market for power station byproducts. StandardConsult provided an exhaustive report with all the public availanle references and explained in order to carry on the market investigations. 
  • A major danish fresh water utility was in need of finding a stable and economic freasible outlet for Lime Stone pellets from a soft water palnt. StandardConsult ensured a stable outlet and provided a market review for improved economic benefits.
  • A medium sied danish chemical provider was in search of an outlet for waste salt from previous industrial processes. StandardConsult advised on a preferred route based on the extensive network.
  • A medium sized sustainable fuel supplier was seeking to find an alternative market for liquid biofuel. StandardConsult is currently working on this issue including drafting CSR report, providing marketing presentations, drafting memos for commenting on public.
  • A french fly ash company needed a forecast report for future potentially available fly ash ressources in Europe. StandasardConsult provided a report based on available forecast and own market intelligence.
  • Currently working for one of the important Danish ash trading companies.