Devoted to issues related to the Byproducts industry. Contact: by mail: nbe@standardconsult.eu, By phone: +45 2641 7186

About StandardConsult

Standard Consult is a small consulting firm established in 2004 owned by Dr. Nicolai Bech


Dr. Bech has the professional credentials:


MsC. in Chemistry from the Technical University of Denmark

PhD in Fludized Bed Combustion from the Technical University of Denmark

A HD degree  ( MBA clone ) from the Copenhagen Business School, in marketing.

Former president for European Coal Combustion Products Association, ECOBA

Member of the board and the governing board for ECOBA

Board member in IDA Energi, The Danish Association of Engineers energy society



StandardConsult is for the time being engaged in:

The ASHTRANS project. Read all about ASHTRANS atwww.ashtrans.eu

The Bio Mass Ash workshop 2019. See the full folder: BMA folder


Apart from arranging international and national conferences Dr Bech assist Small and Medium sized Enterprices with various issues pertaining to i.a. market reviews for internationally traded By-products, insight into relevant standards, offering advice on market opportunities for industrial By-Products including drafting sales contracts, etc.


Due to the massive network StandardConsult has now also started a supplementry service in linking highly experienced 60+ retiree's with SME companies in need of special skills for short term problem solving. See further details here: Senior